Lightning Conductor Testing, Maintenance, and Repairs

Many organisations make the mistake of not implementing a full testing and maintenance regime for the lightning conductors or earth installations in their building, and unfortunately, because of this, they only know if their lightning protection system is working when damage is caused to the building. Here at Existatest, we are a reputable lightning conductor company providing a complete test service for organisations. Get in touch with our proficient team today for further information.



Here at Existatest, we are firm believers in the importance of testing electrics to resolve potential issues before anything goes wrong.


If you do not implement a full inspection and maintenance regime for the earth installations in your building, you may only know the protection system is faulty once the damage is done.


To avoid disruptions to your business, we provide reputable lightning conductor testing, maintenance, and repairs from our base in Coventry.

Lightning Conductor Regulations

According to Section 5 of the British Standards 6651: 1999 / BS EN 62305, all lightning conductors and earth installations must be visually inspected and assessed routinely to ensure the safety of your building and personnel.


If you are a business owner, you must follow this legislation to avoid severe damage to your building and IT network if a strike does occur.

Ground System Test

We provide a complete ‘Ground Test System’ to assess the condition and safety of lightning conductors.


Our team undertake thorough checks to ensure the continuity and resistance readings do not exceed 10 ohms and inspect the resistance of the ground rod.


We then assemble the system and check the ground resistance, ideally following 48 hours of dry weather to ensure the validity of the reading.

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