Lightning Conductor Testing, Maintenance, and Repairs

Many organisations make the mistake of not implementing a full testing and maintenance regime for the lightning conductors or earth installations in their building, and unfortunately, because of this, they only know if their lightning protection system is working when damage is caused to the building. Here at Existatest, we are a reputable lightning conductor company providing a complete test service for organisations. Get in touch with our proficient team today for further information.

Lightning Conductor Facts

Section 5 of the British Standards 6651: 1999 / BS EN 62305 stipulates that all lightning conductors and earth installations need to be visually inspected and tested regularly. Moreover, if businesses do not follow this legislation, a strike is likely to happen, and serious damage may be caused to their building, IT systems, and business productivity. In some cases, legislation may not be applicable for the systems as they will be tested to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Ground System Test

A ‘Ground Test System’ is the process used to test lightning conductors. The assessment involves testing the grounding system to check that the continuity and resistance reading does not exceed 10 ohms. The ground rod is tested for resistance to the ground before making connections to the rod. After this, the grounding system is put together and tested for resistance to ground. It is recommended that a resistance reading is carried out in dry weather after a 48-hour dry period as wet ground conditions can affect the validity of the reading.

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