Fire Alarm Testing Services

Keeping Your Fire Alarms in Check

Safeguard those residing in your property while taking steps to prevent the devastating impact that can be caused by fires. At Existatest, our hard-working technicians are on standby to assist you with fire alarm testing and emergency lighting services.

The fire alarms in your property safeguard those living or working in the building, so you must make sure they are in fully functional order. At Existatest, our qualified technicians can help you avoid the devastating impact of a fire with preventative action. We provide a robust alarm testing and inspection service to ensure your system is operating correctly. We also offer emergency lighting services, so you can protect your personnel or residents with the best standard of safeguarding measures.


As a conscientious business owner or building manager, alarms provide protection and peace of mind for your personnel. According to the Health & Safety Executive’s strategy, fire alarms are vital for protecting the UK workforce from injuries and fatalities. We are the professional electrical testing company that businesses can depend on to guarantee compliance and safety in the workplace.

All commercial and public premises must have operational fire detection and warning systems, as directed by the HSE. While it may seem like a job for another day, any unknown faults in your detection systems can be detrimental to the health and operation of your company.


You should also affirm you have the right system installed for your application, dependent on the type of building and industry you manage. For example, workshops with clamorous machinery and tools should install an extra-loud system and consider fitting a visual warning. We provide a thorough inspection to ensure the emergency lighting, exit signs, and other components are on standby to protect your personnel.



Even if you have staff trained with electrics, it is worth sourcing our professional team to better protect the safety of your workforce. We provide industry expertise, contemporary techniques, and knowledge to spot and resolve issues and inconsistencies.


Far beyond triggering the siren, our inspections keep your site as safe as possible and compliant with guidelines. We cover PAT testing,fixed wiring tests, and more with our expert electrical services.

We undertake monthly and annual light testing to ensure any faults are found before an emergency occurs. This includes visually checking each luminaire and exit sign. We can also check the entire system and central batteries monthly.


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Monthly Light Testing

During a monthly emergency light inspection, we complete certain duties. These are outlined as follows:

  • Each luminaire and internally illuminated exit sign should be energised from its battery by simulation of a failure for a period sufficient to ensure that each lamp is illuminated.
  • Each luminaire and exit sign should be visually checked to ensure that they are present, clean, and functioning correctly.
  • Upon completion, each luminaire should be checked to ensure normal supply has been restored.
  • In addition, any defects should be noted in the log book.

Annual Light Testing

During an annual testing procedure, we adhere to certain requirements. These are outlined below:

The monthly inspections as above should be undertaken.

  • Each luminaire and internally illuminated exit sign should be energised from its battery by simulation of a failure for its full duration. This is in accordance with the manufacturer's information and is usually three hours.
  • Charging arrangements should be checked for proper functioning.
  • The date of the test and its results should be recorded in the system logbook.

Central Battery Systems

Central battery systems should be tested monthly. In addition to the tests shown above, the system monitors should also be checked for correct operation.

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