Fixed Wire Testing Services Provided

Adhere to important legal requirements while preventing possible damage by putting your trust in our electrical inspection company. At Existatest, we provide fixed wire testing services to ensure the safety of your property.

A Vital Legal Requirement

It is widely recognised that the periodic inspection and testing of an electrical installation is crucial to the safety of any property. As the owner of an electrical installation, it is your legal responsibility to comply with the Electricity At Work Regulations of 1989. This enhances your safety with the prevention of electrical accidents. You may also nominate a person on your behalf to see that the tests are carried out.

Prevent Potential Problems

It is inevitable that, with age, most electrical installations suffer damage and deterioration throughout their operational lives. Therefore, an electrical inspection and test is required to validate the safe operation of your installation. Although many electrical installations are built to an exceptionally high standard, they may demonstrate problems under the following circumstances:

Prevent Potential Problems

  • Change of Ownership or Tenancy of the Premises

  • Change of Use of the Premises

  • After Alterations or Additions to the Original Installation

  • Significant Changes in the Electrical Loading of the Installation

  • Damage the Installation May Have Occurred

Eliminating Dangerous Effects

Extending or modifying an already heavily loaded system may result in an added strain. Unfortunately, this may result in the possible breakdown and premature failure of your installation and even fire in severe cases. That's why, with important safety regulations, it is crucial to seek the appropriate testing for your electrical systems and apparatus.

An Important Inspection

Typically, the inspection and testing of electrical installations within your premises is a mandatory requirement. In many cases, electrical inspection and testing should be carried out on a regular basis. As instructed by your local authority, you should fulfil the conditions outlined for licensing purposes by allowing us to conduct the proper tests.

Tending to Your Safety Needs

Not only does electrical testing ensure your fixed wiring system functions correctly, but it also ensures its safety by preventing possible damage. At Existatest, we offer fixed wire testing as well as fire alarm, and petroleum pump inspections. In addition, we safely install LED lighting systems to transform the appearance of your property.

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