Fixed Wire Testing Services Provided

Adhere to important legal requirements while preventing possible damage by putting your trust in our electrical inspection company. At Existatest, we provide fixed wire testing services to ensure the safety of your property.

If you manage or own a property, you need to know that your electrical wiring is maintained at the correct standard. This is not only a moral requirement for the safety of people using the property, but it is also a legal requirement. At Existatest, we provide fixed wire testing services that you can rely on to ensure the safety of your property.


We specialise in providing the fixed wire testing solutions that you need to keep the property up to standard. We have been working in the electrical testing industry for over 40 years. This means that we have the extensive experience to provide the very best choice in high quality work. We can inspect fixed wires in all types of properties. Our trained and qualified team members test the electrical installations and systems in all parts of the property. This includes the main panels, the distribution boards, lighting systems, socket outlets, air conditioning units and any fixed plant machinery. Once a system is confirmed as safe, we issue an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) so that you have proof that everything is operating safely.

If you are looking for high quality and reliable fixed wire testing, you can rely on our team at Existatest. We are popular with our customers – it is no coincidence that many of our new clients come to us due to word-of-mouth recommendations. One of our popular options is the five-year contract service. This is where we provide a contract to take care of the electrical wiring in a commercial property for a five-year period, meaning that you do not have to worry about meeting your legal requirements for this period. We can split the contract between multiple sites if your company works in more than one location. Contact usfor more information.



By carrying out the fixed electrical testing, employers and property managers can ensure that they are complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974). It also meets the requirements of the Electricity at Work Act (1989). Managers and property owners have a legal requirement to assess and care for health and safety at work, and our team can make sure that your property is fully cared for in this regard.



As part of our expert testing services, we can also carry out inspections for fire alarms, emergency lighting and similar types of appliances. We can ensure that these are operating correctly, so that in the case of an emergency, everyone in the property is fully protected. As well as ensuring the state of the wiring and connections, we can ensure that the design is meeting your current requirements. After all, a fire alarm or emergency lighting system that was installed years ago may have met your needs at the time but may no longer be fulfilling your requirements. We can also advise you about other emergency systems, like standby generators or vented battery systems.


For more information about the best choice in fixed wire testing services, contact our team today. We are ready to provide the support and advice that you need.

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