The Importance of Fire Alarm Testing

Based in Coventry, here at Existatest Ltd, we offer our fire alarm inspection and testing services throughout the region and surrounding areas. Today we are going to look at the importance of fire alarm testing, considering how often it is required and the different reasons as to why you should contact professionals to perform fire alarm testing.


Regularity is The Key

It is possible for you to test your own alarms as recommended on a weekly basis, but more comprehensive checks to be carried out by our professional service should be completed on a monthly basis. We offer a robust alarm testing and inspection service to ensure your system is operating correctly. Specialising in commercial fire alarm testing, read on to find out why fire alarm testing is so important in the workplace.


Fire Alarm Testing in the Workplace

By opting for a fire alarm inspection service at your workplace, not only are you protecting the health and safety of your workforce, but you are also adhering to Health and Safety regulations. According to the Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) strategy, fire alarms are essential for protecting UK workers from injuries and fatalities. By using our professional service guarantee compliance and safety in the workplace. You will benefit from having evidence of your legal compliance as all commercial and public premises must have operational fire detection and warning systems, as directed by the HSE.


More Than a Checkbox

What should go without saying is that fire alarm testing is not simply a checkbox exercise completed for legal compliance, but it demonstrates the value you place on the lives of people working in your business. Not only can fires cause severe damage to company buildings, but should workers be in any danger, timing is everything. Smoke alarms detect fires by sensing small particles in the air using and once those particles are detected above a certain threshold, they signal the alarm to sound, warning people to exit the premises. Research has shown fire alarms to prevent death in such an emergency situation by 55%.


What’s Included in Testing

At Existatest, we not only inspect your fire detection system by triggering the alarms, but we offer a comprehensive service to maximise your safety measures. This can include testing your emergency lighting, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), fixed wire testing, and more. Depending on the work environment, emergency lighting can be equally if not more important than sound signals. For example, workshops with noisy machinery and tools should install an extra-loud system, as well as fitting a visual warning system that can alert workers when they are not able to hear alarm sounds as easily a otherwise.


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