Lightning Conductor Testing

Here at Exist A Test, we specialise in electrical testing, and as part of our services we provide lightning conductor testing, maintenance and repair services. Located in Coventry, our dedicated technicians are able to assist you with everything you could need when it comes to lightning conductor services. Read on to find out more about our lightning conductor services.

All You Need to Know About Lightning Conductors

To start, we first need to be clear about what is meant about lightning conductors. Typically, a lightning conductor is formed of a metal rod or wire, which is fixed to an exposed part of a building or other tall structure in order to divert lightning to the ground in a safe way that is free form causing any harm. As lightning conductors are used as part of health and safety requires, by carrying our periodic testing on lightning conductors, it ensures your site is meeting the requirements outlined in Section 5 of the British Standards 6651: 1999 / BS EN 62305. This states that all lightning conductors and earth installations need to be visually inspected and tested regularly.

What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

It is important for businesses to follow the rules and regulations of lightning conductors not only because of the health and safety legislation, but because of the consequences of a worst-case scenario there the building is struck by lightning. It would mean a strike is likely to happen, resulting in potential damage to the building, IT systems, and business productivity.

Our Lightning Conductor Testing, Maintenance, and Repairs

Lightning conductors are often overlooked by many companies, and organising a routine testing and maintenance routine for the lightning conductors or earth installations in their building is not given priority. For this reason, most businesses tend to find out whether their lightning protection system is working the hard way. Such damage to the building of your business is avoidable when carrying out periodic testing. At Existatest, we are a respected lightning conductor company offering a complete test service for organisations.

What’s Involved in a Ground System Test?

A ‘Ground Test System’ is the procedure we use at Existatest to test lightning conductors. It involves testing the grounding system in order to check that the continuity and resistance reading does not exceed 10 ohms. ‘Ohm’ refers to the electrical resistance between two points of a conductor when a constant potential difference of one volt produces a current of one ampere in the
conductor, the conductor not being the seat of any electromotive force. The ground rod is tested for resistance to the ground prior to making connections to the rod. Once this stage is completed, the grounding system is put together and tested for resistance to ground. In order to get the most accurate reading, we follow the recommendation to carry out any resistance readings in dry weather. Therefore, after any wet ground conditions, a reading should be carried out after a 48-hour dry period.

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