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Here at Exist A Test, we provide electrical testing services for homes and businesses. As part of our services, we offer electric car charging points installation for UK residents and commercial enterprises.

Electrical Vehicles                                                                                                          

In recent years, the demand for electrically powered cars and goods vehicles has grown exponentially because of the improved environmental impact and infrastructure developments. Though we have been aware of environmental and health issues of fuel-powered vehicles, we have not had a practical alternative to petrol pumps. Now, drivers in the UK are switching lanes and joining the electric vehicle movement.

Electric Car Charging Points Installation

It has never been easier to transition to an electrically powered vehicle. We now have a range of charging options available at home, service stations, and work. At Exist A Test, we are expanding access with our electric car charging points installation service for Coventry homes and businesses.

Electric Car Charger Home Installation

Experts estimate that most UK homes will have the facilities to charge an electric car within a few years. With our background in electrical testing, we have the right skills and experience to supply and fit domestic charging points on your driveway. If you are thinking of making the switch, we can provide a quotation for the technology and installation.

Office Electric Car Charging Points Installation

We can also provide electric car charging points installation for your business to encourage an eco-friendlier commute. Whether you are meeting the demands of your employees or if you want to motivate them to make the switch, we can supply and fit charging points for your workplace.

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To receive a quotation for a charger point installation, get in touch by completing our online form or emailing info@existatestltd.com. You can speak to our team directly by calling 07833 476802.


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