Fire Alarm Testing Services

At Exist A Test, we specialise in electrical testing, and as part of our services we include fire alarm testing services. Based in Coventry, we believe checking your fire alarms is a vital process that

should be carried out periodically. Offering both monthly and annual testing, our dedicated technicians are able to assist you with both fire alarm testing and emergency lighting services as part of a comprehensive fire alarm testing service.

Fire Alarm Testing

Whilst fire alarm testing is important in any property, it is especially vital when concerning places of work, as a failure to maintain these components could leave your company liable, should a fire occur. Ensure you have sufficient protection for your workforce from fire and avoid any fire-related injuries by making a fire alarm inspection routine a central part of your health and safety strategy. You can rest assured in the knowledge that we offer a professional fire alarm testing service in order for you to guarantee complete compliance. A fire alarm test will include the checking the function not only of the fire alarms, but also emergency lighting and fire exit signs. We not only trigger the siren, but we also aim to make the site as safe as possible based on the most recent guidelines. Full testing can also include PAT, fixed wiring tests along with our comprehensive fire alarm inspection.

Health and Safety Regulations

HSE refers to the Health and Safety Executive, regarding the government information and advice about health and safety in the workplace. In order to adhere to best practice regarding health and safety regulations, the directive is that a fire detection and warning system must be present and operational in both commercial and public premises. There are also particular guidelines for specific types of workplaces. For example, if the environment is loud and stuff wear ear defenders, you will require a higher volume of alarm, and visuals should be incorporated to maximise the impact of the alert. By opting for professional fire alarm testing, you know that the latest knowledge can be implemented.

Monthly and Annual Testing Services

Central battery systems should be tested on a monthly basis, with the system monitors also checked for the correct operation. Light testing can be carried out on a monthly basis, also offered on an annual basis. Here each luminaire and internally illuminated exit sign should be energised from its battery. This aims to simulate a power failure, whereby each item can be visually checked to be present, clean and functioning as expected. Once this stage of the inspection is complete, they should be checked again to make sure that the usual energy supply has been restored, with any defects logged. For annual light inspections, charging arrangements should also be checked for proper functioning, and the date of the test and results should be recorded in the system logbook.

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