Electrical Testing Services

Here at Exist A Test, we are experts in electrical testing, and as part of our services we include safe fixed wire inspections, the installation of LED systems, testing for safety in emergencies, PAT services, testing of lightning conductors, and petroleum pumps. Read on to find out more about each of the specialist services we provide to both commercial and domestic clients as part of your periodic electrical testing.


Fixed Wire Inspections


Wiring can be complicated as cables get tangled and due to the small size of wires, they can also get damaged. By carrying out fixed wire inspections, we can make sure a building’s wiring is safe. This ensures that those who are inside the property are protected from the potential risks of dangerous electrical shocks and fire hazards. The technicians in our team offer fixed wire testing as part of our electrical testing services so that you are able to comply with safety regulations.


Testing LED System Installations


As part of our testing services, we can also install LED lighting solution for your premises. LED systems use light-emitting diodes, which are thought to save energy and money. We supply the best quality fittings and components to install your LED system, making sure to sign off the work by testing their functionality and safety.


Testing for Safety in Emergencies


Depending on the building, we can recommend how often you should test for safety measures in emergencies, whether arranged on a daily, monthly, or annual basis. IT is also a legal requirement to carry out tests on fire alarms both quarterly and annually. Our emergency lighting testing is part of this safety testing as the correct lightening enables the building’s occupants to exit the building as safely as possible during an emergency. Especially useful in big buildings, emergency lighting can help people in distress locate the nearest safe exit.


PAT Services


PAT services stand for Portable Appliance Testing. Our experts are able to carry out a PAT test as part of a package, making sure that the LED or electrical lighting systems that we have installed in your property are in full working order and safe to use.


Lightning Conductor Testing


Lightning conductors are metal rods on buildings that are there to protect the structure in the event of a lightning strike. During such a test, each individual earth grounding point and its conductors are electronically tested for resistance to ground. Avoid severe damage from being caused to your building by allowing us to carry out a lightning conductor test.


Petroleum Pump Testing


Finally, our qualified electrical engineers are also able to carry out tests on petroleum pumps to make sure they are safe and in full working order.


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Based in Coventry, for more information about our electrical testing services, whether for commercial or domestic purposes, please get in touch today through our contact form, or by emailing us at info@existatestltd.com. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team directly, call us on 01676 483943. We will be glad to assist you with any queries you may have for us.


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