Electric Car Charging Points Installation

Here at Exist A Test, we specialise in electrical testing, but as part of our expertise in electrics, we also offer an installation service for charging points for use with electric cars. Electric cars and goods vehicles are the future, and motorists are starting to use them more and more in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint. As the necessary infrastructure improves in order to accommodate electric vehicles, the numbers of electric cards on the road are becoming more significant in the UK cities. Here at Exist A Test we can help the situation by installing charging points at

both domestic and commercial properties.

Why Electric Cars?
A car is a big investment, and with that you can become tied to the traditions of what you know. But whether your car runs on petrol or electricity shouldn’t have to stop the car doing its job getting you from A to B. It is time that we all considered what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint and electric cars can be a way of improving the environment of the planet we live on, in a way that is just as convenient to fuel. The issue with internal combustion powered vehicles is twofold: their consumption of resources and production of pollutants. This is a current public health issue, as well as a problem that can be solved for future generations. The electric car revolution is a practical solution, and more and more motorists are making this change today. Whether you’re thinking about making the switch, or you already have, our electric car charging point installation can be a great investment when driving an electric vehicle.

Electric Car Charging Points Installation

Historically, the primary reason that the British public hasn’t got on board with electric cars is simply because it has been impossible to find any convenient charging points. Now we are ready for the large-scale adoption of electric vehicles as we are more equip with the range of electric car charging points available. UK drivers with an electric vehicle now often have a range of choices when it comes to charging their vehicle, whether at service stations, at work, or most convenient of all, at their own home. You no longer have to drive with one eye on the road and one on the car battery.

Electric Car Charger Home Installation

When you have an electric car charging point at home, you can simply park your car and allow it to charge away without the need to wait at service stations. It has been predicted that most homes in the UK will have the charging facility on their driveway or car park. Intended for individual use by home-owners, it also means any guests that may come to stage can also benefit from its use Get one step ahead of the general public, and show that you’re doing your bit for the environment by investing in an electric charging point for your car at your property.

Office Electric Car Charging Points Installation

If you’re a business owner, you may see some interest in a charging points installation if your employees already own electric cars. But why not challenge your existing ethos and company culture by encouraging staff to make the move to electrical power when driving to work simply by installing charging points at your premises. Show that your company is innovative and cares about its impact on the environment by stepping into the future today.

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