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People don’t often think of fire alarms until they are really needed. When it comes to the workplace, it’s paramount that companies consider the potential risks that could be prevented by fire alarms. Fire alarms are not only there to offer peace of mind, but they form a major part of the health and safety strategy set out by the Health and Safety Executive, which will go into more detail about today, covering fire alarm testing services at Existatest. Based in Coventry, we offer our fire alarm inspection and testing services throughout the region and surrounding areas.


Professional Fire Alarm Test Service


Here at Existatest, we provide a range of electrical testing services, including a professional fire alarm test service that ensures we cover all corners of your workplace. Hiring professionals for this service guarantees compliance with the legalities, so you can rest assured that your organisation is doing everything by the book. It is not enough to rely on competent staff members who are trained to perform fire alarm testing, as a professional fire alarm inspection service such as ours offers the added experience and up-to-date industry knowledge to identify issues or inconsistencies before they compromise the safety of your employees.


The Health and Safety Executive


The direction from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is that a fire detection and warning system should be present and funtioning in every kind of commercial or public sites. Depending on the building and the type of work being carried out, the fire alarm system should suitable and fit for purpose, considering this. Fire alarm testing is integral to the HSE’s strategy for protecting the UK workforce from fire and fire-related injuries. A thorough fire alarm inspection routine is a must for all hardworking business owners and building managers, to continue to make sure that these measures are operational and working as they should be.


Examples in the Workplace


When people think of fire alarm systems, they often think of the loud sound that penetrates the air. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have not come into contact with a fire will associate the topic with fire drills, whether a minor inconvenience from a usual working day, or a welcome break from it. However, it’s important to remember that fire alarm systems are potentially life-saving, and in some cases, a regular alarm sound is not enough. If the workplace is a place where loud tools are used and staff wear ear defenders, not only an extra-loud alarm system should be fitted, but a visual alarm should be considered. This ensures that everyone will be alerted to the emergency situation and can evacuate accordingly.


Included in Fire Alarm Testing


In keeping with the HSE rules, our fire alarm testing includes checking that fire alarms, emergency lighting and fire exit signs are all operational and will perform as required in the event of a fire. As well as triggering the siren, when we perform testing, we make the client’s premises as safe as possible for everyone working there, based on the latest guidelines.


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